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Welcome Boatswain's Mates! I want to thank all those who have contributed to the success of this site, I couldn't have done it without you. Below are those who have provided study guides to help you advance:

Wall Of Fame
John Namako
Derek Zwiers
Adam Hunter
Justin Moran
Jason Hermes
Thomas Simonds
BMCM Jim Bordell
Matthew Valzania
Dave White
MK3 Hoke Harper
George Damanis
Andrew Groth
Edward Powell
Cornelius Ferguson
Bradley Poen
Sherman Baldwin
Donald Bullock
CDR Mike Henderson (NOAA)
Robert J. Smith
CDR Mark Frankford
David Allen
BMCS Hollandsworth
Dylan Mullins
Samantha Sheffield
Scott Molway
Gabriel Bosman
Gary Tolbert (FWCC)
Brodie MacDonald
Matthew McCullough
Richard Thomas
Seth Mills
Todd Murray
Douglas Tooley
Cody Paschal
Chase M. Ryan
Stephen Liber
Dareck Poirier
Frank Wink
Hernan Ossandon
Wesley Jansen
Keryn Eileen Moore
BMC David Rice
MST3 Chris Thomson
Jaime Muscatelli
AUX Brian Harris
Patrick Blakeley
Jimmy Montemayor
Jake Stroud
Chad Barber
Erin Regan
Stephen Hatch
John Hardin
Rafael Tinajero
BMCS Glenn Bucklin
BMC Charlie Salls
Brad Parker
Patrick Davis
BMCM Coffman
Michael Bagley
Chris Hoschak
YN3 Angela Whitcomb
Dustin Daniels
Colleen Theobald
David Naylor
Kent Beeksma
Jamie Carr
Colin Penny
David Race
Daniel Hazebrook
Joshua Winn
Lee McMillan
Jade Andrews
Hunter Lawrimore
Chris Sweeney
Matthew Carey
Meredith Hodgin
Jordan Baptiste
Erich Goebes
Sebastian Derda
Jennifer Zuniga
George Ruiz
David Clemens
Chris Ledesma
Ron Bowen
Jason Boudreaux
Clark Bates
Jeffrey Eastman
Chris Swiatek
Chad Sigle
Brian Milcetich
Tyler Young
Jamison Burkett
April Boyde
James Spute
BM3 Vickers
Frank Miller
Luke Irwin
Justin Longval
Douglas Anglebrandt
Joseph Nilles
William Rucker
Robert Kroll
Jason McGuire
Kalli Nedeau
Christopher Burchett
Stacy Sinke
Rick Ball
Brad Parker
Michael Beach
Jason Chilson
David Andreesen
Seth Tomas
BM3 Lemere
Ralph Kring
Michael Johnson
Hunter Crider
Shawn Vredenburg
Christopher Crowther
MVM Niday
Laterrence Kelley

Disclaimer: Any study guide posted here may have incorrect information, as everyone is human...including the BMs who've written the study guides (not to mention policy changes). This is why it is critical that you read the appropriate manuals when studying, not just read the study guides. If you find something wrong, notify the study guide author so they can update it and submit a corrected copy. You are responsible for knowing the material, so I would encourage you to hit the books first and use the study guides as a companion document to your studying.

Items For Sale

If you are thinking of getting out of the Guard, I would encourage you to seriously consider staying with the Coast Guard by joining the CG Reserve.  Click here to read an interesting article on staying in the CG.
Just think about it...ok?   Visit the CG Reserve or CG Recruiting. 
Check back often.  Pass the word to your fellow BMs and help your baby boats advance.  It's a small boat and we're all in it together. Lastly, I wish you all good luck in your careers.
"I will prepare and some day my chance will come."
Abraham Lincoln

Study Guides for the Boatswain's Mate

Be aware that many of the BM EOCT and courses have changed recently. Study guides posted here may be dated now and will not completely prepare you for the test.
Read your course material, hit the manuals, and do your homework. No point wasting your time (or your ESO's) if you didn't prepare for the test.

OOD, Coxswain, Crew, & Boat Type Study Guides

Miscellaneous items

"If, in order to be popular I have to do what other people want me to do, regardless of my own convictions,
then I have no desire to be popular, and I am quite sure I will never be."
Commodore Ellsworth Bertholf, First Coast Guard Commandant
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